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Media Generator

This Cummins 35 kVA silent Diesel Generator along with 63 amp wall mounted ATS panel is on its way to be installed at Media City in Salford near Manchester where it will provide backup power in the event of a mains failure Power Cut.


Media City Diesel Generators

Diesel Generator Direct is proud to supply backup power outage solutions to various companies operating out of the Media City complex located in Saford Quays on the outskirts of Manchester.  Media City is at the heart of UK technology in the media industry and the companies that work from the complex rely on 24/7 power supply to deliver their content around the world, companies such as the BBC and ITV have relocated there recently.

Media Silent Generator

Media City UK located in Salford Quays on the outskirts of Manchester is a 200 acre high-tech complex on the banks of the Manchester ship canal in England, this used to be the old 'Port of Manchester'.

Media Generator

Many companies in the various forms of media; tv, radio, social media and online operations rely of 24/7 power as they supply 24/7 content to their customers, the thought of any downtime is inconceivable and seen as waving a white flag to their competitors, thats why companies there rely on Diesel Generator Direct to supply them with the best solutions to suit their purposes.