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Media Diesel Generator- This 100kVA (prime) C110D5 and 20kVA (prime) C22D5 Cummins silent diesel generators will provide a source of backup electricity to a media production company based in Sharjah, UAE the two silent generators will be used to provide backup power for two separate locations in the Emirates city.


Media Cummins Generator

This UAE media company delivers content in a wide variety of customers, the majority of their work is online creating websites and content but they also support their clients with more traditional types of media such as magazine, tv and sport advertising opportunities. The company is divided up into those two categories; online media and real-world media and each has a separate creative suite in the United Arab Emirates city of Sharjah, the 100 kVA Cummins generator will be used at the web-based department and the 20 kVA Genset will go to backup the real-world media building in the Al Gharayen area of the Emirates desert city.

Media Cummins Power Generators

The media company employs its own on-site electrician who contacted diesel generator direct, he knew exactly what type of generators he was looking for, he needed one 100kVA and one 20kVA silent diesel generator to backup each media production hub, Firstly we looked at the options for the 100kVA media diesel generator. There were two options that stood out as a viable solution for the online media creation hub. Firstly we suggested the Cummins Power Generation C110 D5 100kVA silent diesel generator, next we suggested the Pramac GSW110P 100kVA silent silent diesel gen-set, both generators offered the same power output for both prime and standby applications offering 100 kVA (prime) and 110 kVA (standby), in-fact the Pramac diesel generator offered slightly more power than the Cummins set with 104kVA prime and 115kVA for standby power applications. Both the Pramac and the Cummins generators are silent gen-sets so really both sets fit the needs of the electrician who decided to go wit the Cummins C110D5 in the end due to the lower cost of the set.

Media Cummins Genset

The media company produces online content from their main hub in Sharjah, they build complete websites and e-commerce solutions, they provide SEO services for their client so their websites rank higher against their completion and they also produce the content that those companies serve to their customers online via their websites, 3rd part websites, social channels and more, the 100 kVA Cummins C110D5 will be used at this location as the larger team requires more power than the real-world creation hub. Next, the client wanted to look at his options for a 20 kVA backup Genset, we looked at the options and could suggest the C22D5 by Cummins or the GBW22P by Pramac, again both sets are similar in stats, they're both 20kVA prime and 22 kVA standby and both are silent generators, the Pramac GBW22P comes with either manual or start-up options but the Cummins generator is at a lower price, which again was the deciding factor for the customer, in the end, that and he thought that having two sets from the same manufacturer would be a prudent choice for him going forward, he was also more aware of the Cummins Power generation brand as a big fan of Monster Trucks and V8 engines.

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