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Manchester Generator Reseller Sales

Diesel Generator Direct supplied this Cummins 20 kVA silent generator, another small generator sold to one of our UK resellers – this one a Cummins 20 kVA to a reseller based in Manchester in the North West of England.

The C22D5 Cummins Silent Generator will be sold on to another user via our resller in Manchester, they know the 20kVA is a best seller and won't be left on the shelf for long.


Manchester Diesel Generator

This Cummins Power Generation C22D5 Silent Generator will be sold on by one of our resllers in Manchester, UK. Manchester is a hot bed of activity for our diesel generator sales with the majority of sets being in the 20 - 200 kVA region. Canopied silent sets are a particular favorite keeping the sound produced by the engines to a respectable amount

Manchester Silent Generator

Manchester is of the largest cities in the UK with a population of around half a million at the time of the last cencus , a major city in the northwest of England with a rich industrial heritage due to its part in the industrial revolution. Manchesters 18th-century canal system allowed the city to become a textile powerhouse. The recently revitalised Salford Quays dockyards now feature some of the most forward thinking and media companies in the UK, with companies such as the BBC moving their headwaters to a more central UK location from their old base in the center of London