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Manchester Diesel Genset - This 180kVA (prime) 200 kVA (standby) Cummins silent diesel generator is a Stage iiia compliant with reduced emissions genset, a quiet generator that features a fitted soundproof canopy to keep the noise levels down that will be used in Manchester to provide backup power to a hotel in the city centre. The location in the centre of Manchester, UK made it a deal-breaker for the client if the set could not operate under a respectable amount of noise as they needed to consider their local reputation.

Manchester Diesel Generator

In 2019, one power cut alone affected more than 200 homes and businesses in Manchester city centre. It left a total of 228 residential and business properties around the Chorlton Street and Portland Street area without power on a busy Tuesday morning; even multiple traffic lights weren't working due to the outage, the estimated loss of business income was in the millions.

Unfortunately this kind of power outage is not a one-off, but it is something that your business can (and should) have a contingency plan for, if even one hour of lost income can be into the thousands of pounds simply having a backup generator would keep your business in operation while other local businesses are out of action while still paying wages. Power cuts can be caused by many different things such as the theft of the electricity company's equipment, fire damage to the equipment on the network or in the substations, birds flying into overhead cables, deterioration or water seeping into an ageing cable or damages to cables customers digging in their own garden or contractors working in the public highway, so no matter how covered you think you are, you'll know that power outages occur.

According to a blog by Matthias Noebels and Mathaios Panteli from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Manchester written in August 2019, although electricity network resilience in the UK is at a good level, actions need to be taken to improve community resilience and preparedness to such unexpected events. But, while prevention and readiness are essential, so are solutions such as a backup generator.

Backup Manchester Power Generators

When a restaurant, coffee shop, or supermarket loses power, it's not the only business that they will lose, but inventory as well. Without refrigeration, food will spoil, and bathrooms won't be usable. Without power, healthcare facilities such as doctors' surgeries, hospitals, and nursing homes aren't able to administer oxygen or IV medications, perform surgeries, keep medication refrigerated, or keep patients warm. To make matters worse, in today's competitive environment, any business that allows a power cut to shut it down will soon find its clients going elsewhere. If there is a power cut in the whole city, shops who can't keep their power on will miss out on the opportunity to sell items that people require at that moment, such as batteries, bottled water, and torches, and after all this, wages still need to be paid to employees.

A Manchester Diesel Generator or a Manchester Silent Generator will mean that these businesses are able to keep running, to serve the public, and to continue to make money.

Manchester Diesel Generators

The benefits of a backup Generator are a must-have for any healthcare facility, and with a genset, businesses will keep running, serving meals to those who lost power. After the power emergency passes, the company will get even better from the positive image they earned from staying open while others had to shut their doors.

Without a Silent Generator, most of today's high-tech office equipment won't work. Without power, an office's water will not run, hence exposing its employees to health hazards due to the lack of sanitation. In a heatwave, employees may suffer heat exhaustion without air conditioning, we suggest using a silent generator to keep the noise levels down and keeping everyone happy. 

Take a moment to think about what could happen to your business without the benefits of what a generator provides. The ability to stay open during a power outage will usually pay for the cost of the generator a few times over, and you'll wonder why you haven't bought one sooner. There are many types of generator that would be able to assist based on the size of your operation, diesel generators can handle huge demands of power and diesel generator direct can supply diesel generators capable of powering a small mobile burger van right out to small towns, these types of genset can be supplied open or with an acoustically treated canopy that will keep the decibels inside the unit and virtually silent from as little as one metre away from the quiet generator power unit. However, your business may not require a large industrial generator a small generator may be ideal for your requirements if that is the case, diesel generator direct also supplies small generator options and portable generators.

Our generators are listed in kVA size order, so no matter what kVA generator you are looking for, we are able to supply you, from 5kVA small petrol generators right up to large 1000kVA or 2000kVA industrial generators, we have it all, get in touch with the team and let us assist you in finding the perfect power solution.


Generator Focus: Cummins C200D5e

  • 182 kVA Prime
  • 200 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 415 Volts

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