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Malta Power Generators - Another Cummins diesel generator leaving the UK – this 30 kVA silent genset is on its way to Malta where it will be installed to power two high volume water pumps.

Malta Backup Power

This Cummins C33D5 30 kVA generator is currently on its way to Malta where it will stay in lockdown with the driver for two weeks due to the islands Coronavirus precautions the Cummins C33D5 has more than enough power to cope with the two water pumps and another which they plan to install in the coming months.

Malta Electricity

Lying in the Mediterranean to the south of Sicily between Europe and North Africa. Malta is a popular destination for many looking for a relaxing holiday, tourism is Malta's main source of income and is popular with residents of many European nations.

Malta Electricity Supply

Generators are being increasingly used in Malta to back up the power from their national power supplier Enemalta in the Maltese Islands, and the development of the national electricity distribution network.