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This tier iia, Pramac UK with Perkins engine is a 20 kVA silent diesel generator that was sold and supplied to another UK generator supplier just outside Lincoln in Lincolnshire, UK.

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The harsh winters every Lincolnshire farm faces with every passing year highlights the importance of a backup power supply for many farms. It's not just the impact on the livestock and the day-to-day running of the farms that need considering at this point, it's also ensuring that the farmer has the necessary precautions in place so they can prepare for any unforeseen circumstances. This is where a backup silent standby generator is invaluable.

Whether you have a dairy farm, a poultry farm, or you have more specific farming operations, a backup generator should be an essential part of your inventory. As dairy farmers need to milk the cows twice daily, and any delays in milking can put cows at risk, having a backup generator ensures that cows can be milked as often as possible. Whether there are drastic weather conditions that affect the farm landscape, or a problem with the power supply, it's a necessary requirement to ensure that your cows and daily operations are safe.

Likewise, with a poultry farm, you need to understand the importance of backup power so your livestock is maintained. As there are so many tasks associated with poultry farms that need to be completed on a strict schedule, like feeding and cleaning, a small power failure can have a drastic impact on this operation. It could also result in a loss of birds, especially those that are close to the market age. Due to it being an enclosed environment with such a high volume of poultry, temperature regulation, as well as adequate ventilation, is essential.

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As most modern farms are looking towards environmentally friendly practices, minimising power failure becomes even more important. The farmers that are in remote locations need an alternative power supply as a matter of common sense. From the perspective of those farmers dealing with specific plants and crops, a very precise approach to humidification and cooling is indispensable. A problem with the power supply could cause damage to the plants and crops. It's going to have a negative impact on the nurturing of these crops, not to mention issues further down the line. We have seen how much a devastating winter can damage crops, and how this impacts the farm on a grand scale, not to mention the knock-on effects with the supply chains associated.

While diesel engines were once thought of as unsanitary, modern generators emit fewer greenhouse gases. Due to modern improvements that allow diesel engines to burn in a more efficient manner, it means that there is a much better impact on the environment overall. From the perspective of any modern farmer, that is looking to keep their livestock and landscape environmentally-friendly, there is no need to worry about this.

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From the point of view of any farmer that's looking to protect their livestock, look after their farm, and be better prepared for harsher climates, a backup generator needs to be part of their inventory. It is peace of mind, not just for the farm, but for your best interests as you expand your farm operation.


Generator Focus: Cummins C1100D5

  • 1000 kVA Prime
  • 1100 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 440 Volts

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