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Lift Diesel Generator -

This Cummins silent 30 kVA diesel generator is on its ways to be installed into a newly built office complex. The generator will provide emergency backup power to the fire lift on the 7 story building.


Lift Diesel Generators

For any building with a lift, the need for a backup power supply in the event of power cut is essential. Power cuts are happening more and more frequently and the shift to less reliable power sources are thought to add to the issue. If you do find yourself stuck in a lift during a power cut, the most important thing is no to panic, most lifts these days have a telephone that will usually connect you to the buildings maintenance guy. Generally any building in the UK with any more than 4 floors will have a lift....most commonly it will be a traction elevator that is lifted by ropes that pass over a wheel attached to an electric motor above the lift shaft.

Lift Silent Generator

The farmer wanted to power his whole farm with this generator, their house, the farm outbuildings and machinery in the event of a power cut, effectively meaning that no matter what the weather throws at him now, he can continue to farm safe in the knowledge that he'll have the power he needs will be supplied by the Cummins C330D5.

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