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Leeds Diesel Genset - This Cummins C330D5 300kVA (prime power) silent diesel generator along with a Western Global Transcube 2,800 ltr fuel tank, the generator will be used for backup power at a pub in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK.

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The Cummins C330D5 was chosen by the pub even though it was way beyond their requirements to power the pub on its own, they decided on a larger kVA generator because they wanted the option to hold large events in their beer garden while powering the event and the public house at the same time if required. The C330D5 genset is capable of producing 330kVA when used in standby mode and 300kVA when used for prime power applications. Featuring the Cummins UK QSL9G5 engine the C330D5 is a robust, efficient and reliable generator that suits a wide range of applications. The C330D5 is a silent generator that comes with a soundproof canopy that keeps the noise levels down to respectable levels from as close as one metre away. This 300kVA power generator is an ideal solution for the pub as a backup power source when unexpected power cuts happen which they have been more often in the Leeds, Yorkshire area of the UK in recent years.

If you need more information about live power cut information in Yorkshire or Humberside or any area covered by Northern Power Grid, take a look at our UK Power Cut Checker that has live Leeds and Yorkshire power outage information like the affected areas, the cause of the outage and when they expect the power to be back on.

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In December 2018, almost 500 homes were affected by a power outage in Leeds, a few weeks earlier, more than 100 houses were left in darkness in Leeds and in August 2019, power outages even caused traffic lights to stop working in Harehills, Headingley, and Rothwell and also caused major delays on the East Coast Mainline train line, which links Leeds and London.

Power outages don’t just leave people in their homes in the dark searching for torches and candles; they have a huge effect on businesses and industries as well. If you are a business owner, a power cut could be detrimental to you. While many people prepare for other emergencies such as fires by having a fire extinguisher or smoke alarms, not many people consider the damage that a power cut could cause, and even more, people do not invest in a Generator to back themselves up.

In the manufacturing industries, a power cut will bring production lines to an abrupt halt, which may mean a loss of material, breakdown of machinery, and loss of productive time. It might even cause supply chains to shut down altogether.

Diesel Generators can help when power cuts cause huge issues to the stock market; when they cost people working in Information Technology (IT) Services a huge amount of billable hours when they result in crashed computer systems, lost data and abrupt termination of communications with clients.programs and can stop data getting corrupted which might result in software recovery operations that may not be resolved for weeks.

Leeds Diesel Generators

Power failures in data centres such as financial services firms and insurance companies can cause the loss of thousands of records stored for many years and disrupt ongoing transactions as well, this sort of damage can be irrecoverable.

Just like in Leeds, traffic signal operations, public transport systems, control centres for air traffic management, telecommunications and utilities, all rely heavily on the continuous power supply for smooth functioning. Disruption in these types of critical operations can jeopardize the safety and security of millions of people in an instant.

In hospitals, patients’ lives are supported by health monitoring systems, and any discontinuity in the normal functioning of medical equipment can directly translate into a loss of many lives, this is why it is vital that businesses, companies, and organizations invest in a Generator.

Power outages can endanger the safety of people simply going about their day. For example, people can get trapped in or out of buildings, elevators can come to a sudden halt and fire alarms, and water sprinklers might cease to function. Without power and a Leeds Silent Generator, people are unable to communicate via phone or email with emergency services, too, thus making it even more dangerous.


Generator Focus: Cummins C330D5

  • 300 kVA Prime
  • 330 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 415 Volts

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