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I.T Support GeneratorPower

I.T Support Power Generators - This Pramac Perkins GBW22p 20 kVA (prime, 22 kVA Standby), stage iiia, the silent diesel generator is on its way for installation at an I.T support centre in Stafford, UK it will enable them to operate 24/7 should the power fail as it has more frequently over the last 12 months.


I.T Support Electricity Power

This Pramac Perkins GBW22p is a three-phase 20kVA silent generator that comes in either manual or automatic start-up options, it will provide more than enough power for the small I.T firm to ensure they can provide their service to their customers even if there are more power cuts in their area.

I.T Support Electricity

I.T Companies rely on electrical power as a fundamental for their business to operate, servers, computers, and humans need the power to function and the idea of backing up the electrical power for an I.T firm is essential, in-fact if you are looking for an I.T business to help you, a question to ask would be; do you have backup power contingency plans?

I.T Support Genset Electricity Supply

Generators are being increasingly used in the I.T industries to back up the fundamental power they need to operate, if you need any help finding the perfect backup power for your requirements, get in touch with the UK's generator experts at Diesel Generator Direct UK