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Isle of Man Diesel Generator Power

Isle of Man Diesel Genset - This Cummins C150D5 130kVA silent diesel generator will provide backup power to a household recycling centre on the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man Diesel Generator

The Isle of Man is a British ireland that sits in the Irish sea between Breat Britain and Ireland, the island itself if self-governing and known for its sea battered coastline and the annual TT which is a motorsport spectacular that dominates the whole island for one week each year.

If there is one place in the UK that should be assosiated with power its the Isle of Mann, the motor bike races that take place every year display roar power being unleased on an undulating road circuit that spans the whole island, riders dice with death at break-neck speeds over jumps, blind corners and inches from hedges, walls, spectaters and lamp posts in the name of speed on these regular roads with no speed limits.

Isle of Man Power Generators

As the Isle of Mann employes a differing strategy compared with the United Kingdom mainland when it comes to the supply of electricity to their eighty to ninty thousand residents, their power infrastructure currently includes four power stations (Pulrose power station, Sulby hydroelectric power station, peel power, Ramsey Power station) one hunred and two kilometres  of subsea cable. 20 kilometres of high-pressure gas pipeline a transmission and a distribution network

As you can see the island appears to have a considerable amount of outlets to produce power for such a small island however business owners on the island have still experienced damaging power cuts that have affected their ability to trade during some critial business hours.

This has led our client to invest in a backup diesel generator for their recycling facilty on the island, now when the power from the main grid drops, they'll be able to continue to work thanks to the backup power supplied by their 150 kVA generator.

Our clients looked at how much power they needed when a power cut happened for their business to function and get in touch with Diesel generator Direct to supply them with a genset capable of the demand required, it was also important that the machine did not cause to much noise polution as they are situated in a built-up area and do not want to upset their neighbours, luckily our generators come with sound treated canopies that vastly reduce the amount of noise ommited from the genset, take a look at our silent generator page for more information on our super silent generators and silent gensets we currently have in stock.

Isle of Man Diesel Generators

If you need any help finding the perfect generator or diesel generator for your business, then please get in touch and we'll be more that happy to help you make the right purchase for your requirements.


Generator Focus: Cummins C150D5

  • 130 kVA Prime
  • 150 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 415 Volts

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Isle of Mann Diesel Generators