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مولدات ليبيا
مولدات ليبيا

Irish Diesel Generator Power

Irish Generators - Three bespoke Diesel Generator Direct built telecoms gensets despatching to be installed at Irish, telephone exchanges in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

Irish Generators

There are many reasons why Ireland is such an attractive location for business operations of all shapes and sizes. The Island of Ireland sits in the centre of the world map making it a fantastic place to trade with markets in the East and the West. Any business in Ireland knows that power cuts do happen with a few large scale power outages occuring in the past years and no new infrastructure planned to relieve the situation I can expect a power cut near me soon! What can business in Ireland do to prevent a power cut from affecting their businesses? 

We would reccoment a backup solution so your business can continue to trade no matter what the current state of the Irish Power Grid is in.  At Diesel Generator Direct we specialize in such backup power solutions that can kick-in the moment a power cut occurs to seamlessly deliver power and keep you trading when those around are looking for a tourch.

Irish Power Generators

At Diesel Generator Direct we stock a wide range of generators; portable generators, portable diesel generators, silent generators, silent diesel generators, silent generators, 3 phase generators, single phase generators, industrial generators, home generators, used generators, small generators, petrol generators, electric generators and a wide range of kVA power sizes from 5 kVA upto 10 kVA portable or home genrators to 10 kVA gen-sets all the way up to 3000 kVA Industrial sized power generators, whatever solution you are looking for, we have the power to assist you.

Irish Gensets

We stock petrol and diesel generator solutions from some of the world leading brands; Cummins Power Generation, Perkins Generators, Pramac Gensets, Caterpillar generators along with MTU and FG Wilson.

Once you have decided that you need a backup power solution, the next step is to work out how much power you actually need, to do this simply work out all the electrical devices that you need to operate with and multiply all the electial power requirements together, this will tell you how much power you need your new generator to output, next give us a call, tell us how much power you require and we'll list your options.

In all of Ireland’s foremost industries, a backup generator is an absolutely essential investment.

Why choose Diesel Generator Direct?

There are many gen-set sales and service companies to choose from in Ireland and the UK, however, we’ve yet to meet a competitor who can match the quality, value and outstanding service that you can expect from Diesel Generator Direct. We stock a massive range of the highest-performing brands and we’ll beat any like-for-like price on any of our products.

If you’re expanding your operations into Ireland , or are looking to start-up a brand new business there, our expert team are on hand to help you choose the right generator for your organisation’s unique requirements.


Generator Focus: Cummins C330D5e

  • 300 kVA Prime
  • 330 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 415 Volts

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