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 Ipswich مولدات ليبيا
Ipswich مولدات ليبيا

Ipswich Diesel Generator Power

This 9 kVA Perkins Pramac Silent diesel generator will provide power to a site emergency shower block at a chemical facility in Ipswich.  If a power cut occurs in thier area of Ipswich then their Pramac genset will kick into life and supply all the power they need until the UK national grid turns the power back on in their part of Ipswich.

In the last few years, Ipswich town on the river Orwell has been tipped to become one of the UK's fastest growing economies after Brexit (whenever that may be). There are many emerging industries coming out of Ipswich right now.

Just some of the main industries and commercial businesses include:

  • Utility projects for electricity and telecommunications
  • Printing (other than printing of newspapers and printing on labels and tags)
  • Recovery of sorted materials
  • Metal recycling
  • The hire and supply of plant and machinery.
  • Transportation support activities (domestic and international transport, warehousing and distribution, customs clearance and deep sea import and export container shipping)
  • Collection of non-hazardous waste
  • The recycling of scrap metal
  • Construction of other civil engineering projects (groundworks, building construction, property development, road and infrastructure surfacing)

Most reading this will remember the ‘Beast from the East’ - it wasn’t too long ago we were all freezing due to the chaos caused by this cold wave. Much of the country to grind to a halt with The Met Office issuing a red alert. Then, there’s the possibility of a heat wave - rare in the UK, but possible. Heat waves tend to put a strain on the production of electricity as our air conditioners strive to us keep cool. There are other causes of electricity disruption too; falling trees, problems with those who distribute our power, and more. It goes without saying that the businesses mentioned here, and any business for that matter, needs to have a back up plan in place. The effects on businesses can be devastating with no backup plan. Data loss, profit loss, and all kinds of other issues can arise from losing power, even for a very short amount of time, many businesses make the prudent decision of purchasing an Ipswich genset to back them up in the event of a power cut in the UK electricity network.

A backup plan should involve effective protection against the damage that a power cut could do to your business. A standby Ipswich generator is one option that can have a positive impact on businesses by limiting the impact a power cut could hit your business.

It doesn’t matter what type of facility you’re managing, whether a commercial building business or recycling scrap metal, a backup Ipswich diesel generator can help you to deal with all types of power outages, get in touch with us to find the correct power generator for your needs.

Most businesses rely on effective communication to drum up businesses and ensure relationships with customers are managed appropriately. If the power were to disappear, computers, laptops, the internet, and other devices simply would not work. Your business would be offline and you would be unable to update clients and customers. Retail stores would also suffer, as sales would no longer be able to go forward. A backup Ipswich diesel genset allows Ipswich businesses to maintain customer communication and sales seamlessly.

Generator Focus: Cummins C1100D5

  • 1000 kVA Prime
  • 1100 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 440 Volts

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