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Hostel Power Genset - This C90D5, Cummins, 90kVA Silent Diesel Generator is being loaded onto transport for delivery to a hostel in London, UK. They will be using the Genset to backup the electricity from the mains power supply.

The generator will provide backup power to their campus.


Hostel Silent Generator

This C90D5 Cummins generator has been delivered to Russell Square in central London, United Kingdom. It will be used to provide backup power to a backpackers hostel.

Many hotels and hostels in London have a backup power solution in place for when a power cut of any kind does occur. A diesel generator is the standby power solution of choice in the capital city. Mainly due to their efficacy and low cost to purchase and operate.

Diesel generator Direct UK has a large range of all generator types and not just diesel generators. We stock silent generators, electric generators and power generators.

A 50 kVA generator is our most popular Genset power size for hotel and hostels. It does depend on how much power you need in the first place. On this occasion, our client took a look at all the diesel generator for sale

Hostel Genset

In the end, the customer found out that they needed just under 85 KVA of power to keep the hostel operational during a loss of electricity.

Looking at our range of 90 kVA to 100 kVA generators on offer, the customer decided that the Cummins UK C90D5 90 kVA Silent diesel generator would be the best option for them based on price alone.

If you are looking for a power solution to backup the mains power supply to your hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast or camping/glamping site, then get in touch with Diesel Generator Direct to find a silent generator that suits your requirements.

Hostel Electric Generator

The hostel strangely called the ‘kind regards generator London’ is only a minute walk from Russell Square tube station. It’s a regular destination for Anzac backpackers visiting the English capital city.

Many backpackers enter the city via Kings Cross after a flight into Stanstead airport. The most popular choice of the private room includes is the ‘London rooms’. The ‘London rooms’ feature a bunk bed, en suite bathroom, free breakfast, free wi-fi and tickets for a free walking tour included with each booking.

There are still traditional shared backpacker dorms with shared bathrooms hosting multiple visitors at a time. This centrally located hostel is part of a two hostel group with their other location in Miami Beach, United States. The hostel also includes state of the art booking conditions for residents connected to local travel shops or via one of their mobile apps. Payment can be made via cash, credit card or bank transfer.