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Golf Genset - This 60kVA C66D5e Cummins Power Generation diesel generator will provide a backup electricity solution to a large golf club, clubhouse in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, the C66D5e is a silent generator capable of 60 kVA in prime mode and 6kVA of power in standby or backup power setting.


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Golf in the desert is a green oasis set in amongst the dunes of sand, this particular club boasts numerous certified PGA professionals as members where the luxurious Clubhouse provides five-star service and facilities to ensure a truly memorable playing and post-round relaxing experience. This golf club offers users a full golfing experience with an 18 hole course. driving range leisure facilities including a spa, swimming pools, tennis courts and relaxation treatments for a really memorable experience.

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The Abu Dhabi Golf club got in touch for us for a third time, having already purchased generators from us in the past to backup their fully flood-lit 18 house course and driving range, this time they were looking to secure a backup power solution for the clubhouse itself. The clubhouse features a restaurant, clubhouse, spa, changing rooms and beauty services. Although this amount of facilities appears as though it would require more than 60kVA of power everything, the customer has their very own onsite electrician who has performed a contingency power plan for the overall facility which incorporates the individual elements of the clubhouse, with this plan they are able to bring the clubhouse down to an emergency power setting that keeps only the essential electrical equipment powered and they only required a 60kVA backup power generator source to power it.

Golf Genset

Once the golf club manager delivered their requirements to us, we were able to offer a selection of 60kVA power generators that would be suitable for their needs. The first option was the 60kVA GDW65I generator by Pramac, the GDW65I is a three-phase, auto-start silent diesel generator featuring an Iveco FPT NEF45SM1A engine that offers 60kVA of power in prime mode and 66 kVA of power for backup power and a ComAp control panel, Our next suggestion was another Pramac generator, the GSW65P which also offers 60kVA of prime power but 67kVA of standby or backup electricity power, this Genset is also three-phase auto start but this time a 1103A-33TG2 Perkins generator engine, Mecc Alte ECP32-2M/4 B alternator and ComAp digital control panel. The final gen-set we suggested was the Cummins C66D5e, once again its a 60 kVA prime, 66kVA standby silent electric generator, again it's a three-phase diesel generator with auto start, the C66 D5e utilizes the power from a Cummins 4BTAA3.3-G14 engine. The Cummins C66D5e electric generator was a slightly different offering to the Pramac Genset options as it is a Tier iiia emission compliant set, the C66 D5e also has a reduced footprint compared to the two Pramac silent diesel generators due to the taller dimensions of this compact gen-set. The electrician from the Abu-Dhabi golf club went away to take a look at his options in a bit more detail and called back within the hour with his decision.

In the end, the golf club decided to go with the Cummins C66D5e as their chosen backup power supply for their clubhouse for a number of reasons, firstly was the Cummins power generation brand which the electrician held much regard for, secondly the reduced emissions was attractive, although the tier iiia regulations are only applied in European counties, the Golf Club permanently endeavours to improve their carbon footprint and this would be another step in the right direction.


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