c33d5 cummins 30kVA
C33D5 30kVA Cummins UK
C33D5 Cummins 30kVA
Cummins UK C33D5 30 kVA


Gloucestershire Diesel Generator Power

Gloucestershire Diesel Generators - Diesel Generator Direct has a great relationship with the British agricultural community by selling diesel generators to all areas the UK farming industry – This 30 kVA generator is a C33D5 by Cummins Power Generation, its an enclosed silent diesel generator that will provide back-up power to a remote farmhouse and outbuildings near Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershire Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator Direct is proud to have sold as many diesel generators as we have to the UK agricultural community, this must be down to our no-nonsense approach coupled with products and service that backup our claims, when this Gloucestershire farm first made contact with us they knew they were looking to get a backup power solution as they experienced more power cuts in 2019 than they have for many a year, the losses they made last year due to power loss more than justify the need to invest in a backup generator to supply the power the next time a power outage occurs in their area of Gloucestershire.

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Once the farm decided that they needed a backup genset they got in touch with another local farmer who they trusted because they also knew that this farmer had recently invested in a backup supply for himself in 2018, as far as they were concerned this farmer had done all the leg-work and decided that Diesel Generator Direct had the best solutions for him. Therefore their local colleagues agreed that if it was good enough for him that they were sure it would be good enough for them too.

At this point, they found dieselgeneratordirect.uk on Google and took a look around our website however, there were so many options for someone that did not know too much about generators to have a guess at what would work for them. So, they picked up the phone and called us up to find out which generator we would recommend for them.

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Whenever we look at supplying a backup generator for anyone we make sure that we know exactly what they are looking for, the first question is; how much power do you think you will need? The customer hardly ever knows this information without a little investigation, the first thing they need to consider is which appliances they will need during a power cut, they collected a list of all the appliances they would need both in their house and also taking their farming machinery into account, once they had their list they totalled up the amount of kW all of the appliances combined would be 24 kW which equates to 30kVA.

Next, the Gloucestershire farmer got back in touch with us and let us know that the total kW they would require is 24kW which works out to 30kVA, next we showed them all of their 30 kVA generator options on our website, were they looking for a key-start or auto-start generator? single-phase or three-phase? price and kVA generator, because the Cummins C33D5 was at such a fantastic price, came with 3KVA more than they required in backup power mode, was silent and Cummins Generators came with our recommendation as a good quality genset built with robust components.

Once the farmer decided that the C33D5 was for them, we completed the purchase and arranged delivery to their Gloucestershire farm.

Generator Focus: Cummins C33D5

  • 30 kVA Prime
  • 33 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 415 Volts

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