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Glass generator - These two Pramac 110Kva GSW110P Perkins units will provide backup power to a glass recycling plant near Bristol. The generators will keep the bottle sorting and crushing machines operational during a power outage.

The GSW100P Pramac canopied silent generator operates at 104 kVA (83 kW) in prime setting and at 115 kVA (92 kW) in standby mode, featuring the UK built Perkins 1104C-44TAG2 engine, this acoustically treated genset with sound-proof canopy operates at 148 amps per phase.


Glass Generators

Glass recycling is to take used glass rubbish, to break it down and then create more glass from it to be used again. Once the glass has been gathered by the glass recycling company its taken back to their depot where it will be melted down, the melted down glass is called cullet, there can be internal cullet and external cullet, internal is composed of defected products and would be rejected.

GlassSilent Generator

This Pramac genset with the UK built Perkins engine will be used at a glass recycling centre near Bristol, UK. Bristol is a city sitting on the river Avon in the south-west of England.

Glass Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator Direct is proud to supply the recycling industry with backup power solutions, in most cases a 100- 200kVA silent generator is suitable for their backup requirements although this can change depending on the size of the operation, Diesel Generator Direct is proud to have supplied the recycling industry with a large amount of generatorsa and our expertise in this field has helped many of our customers souce and install the best diesel generator solution for their requirements.