Glasgow Diesel Generators for Tapas Restaurant backup Electricity
Glasgow Cummins Diesel generator kva power uk
Glasgow Cummins Diesel Generators
Glasgow Power Generators for sale UK

Glasgow Diesel Generators for Tapas Restaurant

This Cummins C33D5 silent diesel generator is being loaded onto transport for delivery to a tapas restaurant in Glasgow in Scotland. The 30kVA power genset will be used to provide backup power in case of more power outages, the restaurant is preparing for a return to business after the UK COVID national lockdown.


Glasgow Cummins Diesel Generators kVA power UK

The owner of this Spanish tapas restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland contacted Diesel Generator Direct UK to purchase a backup 30kVA diesel generator. The restaurant has suffered two power cuts during service in 2019. They do not want this to happen again and are taking steps to protect their power supply regardless of local power cuts.

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The restauranteur contacted Diesel Generator Direct UK as they came across our website from a Bing search. He had already asked a local electrician to identify what they would require and discovered they were looking for a diesel fuel generator for efficiency and the low cost to run, they needed 29kVA of backup power and wanted a quiet generator as they are located in a busy area of Glasgow in close proximity to other businesses.

Glasgow Power Generators for sale UK

We took a look at the gen-sets we had in the 30kVA power range to see which units would suit the needs of the Glasgow Tapas restaurant owner for a reliable low-cost, quiet and efficient backup power solution. 

The Cummins diesel C33D5 looked the closest match, the Cummins Power Generation C33 D5 is powered by a Cummins X-Series X3.3G1 engine and provides 30 kVA 24 kW of prime power and 33 kVA 26.4 kW of backup electrical supply. The Cummins C33D5 features a Cummins Stamford PI144G alternator and a Cummins PowerCommand 1.1 control panel. The C33D5 silent generator comes with a battery charger, water heater, set mounted 4-pole circuit breaker, 175-litre base fuel tank & close-fit acoustic canopy (77 dBA @ 1m).

We also suggested the Pramac GSW30P which comes in key (manual) or automatic (Control Panel) versions. The Pramac GSW30P is powered by the UK built Perkins Diesel 1103A-33G engine that delivers 30 kVA / 24 kW prime and 33 kVA / 26 kW backup supply. The Pramac Perkins GSW30P features a Mecc Alte ECP28-VL/4 alternator and ComAp control panel on the automatic start-up version. The GSW30P comes with a set mounted 3-pole circuit breaker, 68-litre base fuel tank & close fit acoustic canopy (64 dBA @ 7m).

After some discussion with the customer, he decided to go with the Cummins C33 D5 due to the lower cost of the genset.

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30kVA Power Diesel generator delivered to Glasgow, Scotland