Gainsborough Diesel Generator
Gainsborough Generator
Gainsborough Silent Generator
Gainsborough Diesel Genset

Gainsborough Diesel Generator

Gainsborough Farm Backup Power Genset - This 30 kVA Silent Cummins Diesel Generator will generate backup power for a farmhouse & critical agricultural machinery at a farm in Gainsborough, UK


Gainsborough Power Generator

The customer, a family-run farm located in Gainsborough, came to us to provide a full backup power solution for their farmhouse home as well as other critical machinery on the farm that requires power around-the-clock.

Gainsborough Silent Diesel Generator

We received the call first thing on Monday morning, a Cummins C33D5 was selected from our wide range of Cummins stock, cleaned down, tested & transport arrived to collect the silent generator the same day. 30 kVA Generators are one of the most popular sizes of power generators we hold in stock as they are extremely versatile for any application from home backup to small business backup, site power, farming & more.

Gainsborough Silent Generator

This 30 kVA power generator is a robust & reliable 3 phase silent diesel generator with a Stamford alternator & 175 litre base fuel tank as standard, which is capable of generating 33 kVA / 26 kW for standby applications & 30 kVA / 24 kW for prime-running applications.