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Flower Power Genset - This Cummins UK Silent Diesel generator with fitted 100 amp ATS panel is being loaded onto transport. Ready for delivery to Southampton, England, The 35 kVA Generator Set will be used by a local garden Centre to provide backup power, ensuring that the plants will continue to blossom.


Flower Silent Generator

Southampton is a port town on the south coast of England close to another port town of Portsmouth, Southampton is known for commercial shipping whereas Portsmouth is the home of the British Navy. Southampton has such an affiliation with shipping that its the home of the Sea City Museum which is famous for its interactive model of the Titanic which set sail on its maiden voyage from the city.

Southampton is situated in the county of Hampshire roughly about 80 miles from London, it's home to the Solent University and also boasts an international airport giving the city many transport links to the continent and beyond.

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The client contacted us and let us know that they needed a backup power solution, possibly a standby diesel generator to keep the plants fed and watered all year round. In recent months they have experienced an increased amount of power cuts and as a result, have lost thousands of pounds worth of plants. This loss alone easily justified the cost of a generator for the Hampshire based Garden Centre.

We talked to them about their power needs and what they actually needed to power (at a minimum) should the electricity from the mains drop again. We quickly established that they would roughly need a 40kVA generator that could provide the 33 kVA of electrical power that they actually needed.

When taking a look at the diesel generators we could off the C38D5 by Cummins UK was a perfect fit. It was able to provide the amount of electricity they required to keep the flowers growing and at an affordable price.

The C38D5 Silent Diesel Generator by Cummins Power Generation comes complete with a Cummins own built diesel engine battery charger, water heater, set-mounted 4-pole circuit breaker, 175 litre base fuel tank for diesel fuel, a PowerCommand control panel and custom closed fit canopy.

Because they needed the Cummins generator to kick standby power into action the moment it detected a drop in power supply from the power grid, we fitted a 100 amp ATS panel onto the side of the Cummins Diesel Generator.

We stock a wide range of generator solutions here and they're not all diesel fuel-powered either, we also stock petrol and natural gas generators for backup or prime power.