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Farming Diesel Generator

Farming Generators - This Pramac Perkins 100 kVA silent Diesel Generator is on its way to a farm near Darlington where it will be installed and used for backup power.


Farming Diesel Generators

Generators are used on Farms across the country to supply reliable prime or backup power on demand. Sometimes these farming gensets are used for prime power in more remote locations and sometimes they are used for backup power in case of a power cut, power cuts are on the increase in the UK and a backup generators are seen as a cost-effective solution, when looking for the ideal power generator for your requirements, get in touch with the team here at Diesel Generator Direct who will be more than happy to assist you in locating the perfect machine.

FarmingSilent Generator

In this case the farmer in question only required a genset for backup purposes, in his area of north-east UK he has noticed the power cuts occuring more frequenly.

Farming Generator

Regardless of any more power cuts and power outages this generator will be there to provide backup power on demand.