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Farming Diesel Generator

This Cummins C44D5e silent 40 Kva Tier iiia emisionised diesel generator will provide prime power to an automated cow milking station at a dairy farm near Manchester, UK.

Farming Diesel Generators

Your farm requires a stable, reliable power supply. Most are prone to failure at some point such as power outages and power cuts. When that happens, you need to make sure that you have a adequate electricity backup power supply that can get you back up and running on demand.

A 100 kva emergency generator could be precisely what you need to provide the standby power that ensures your farm stays productive and stays profitable. Here, we’re going to look at the wide range of diesel generator types available from Diesel Generator Direct and why backup generators are always a wise choice.

A Backup Generator is the way to go

Local and export markets rely on farmers that can provide a dependable, reliable supply of food and products. As such, farmers are also relying more and more on a steady supply of electrical power. The power grid is running on greener sources of power, yet these sources have also proven less reliable. As such, generator power systems are becoming much more common throughout the farming world as a source of reliable, cost-effective energy.

Even a short power cut is enough to damage hothouse crops, harm livestock, spoil products that are in refrigeration or freezers, or simply to cause enough downtime to make you operations much less efficient and, thus, more costly. If it’s as true for your farm as it is for others that you need your workflow to be stable and reliable to keep your farm economically viable, then a backup generator is a must-have.

Agricultural Generator

For most farming diesel generators, they can potentially pay for themselves with a day’s loss of power. Compare the costs of the generator to how much you stand to lose in productivity and wastage with a single day’s worth of loss. Consider that a generator is there to offer a backup power supply not just for the first power cut, but any that happen after as well.

Choosing the right generator for your farm means getting to know your power demands. At Diesel Generator Direct, we have a wide range of generators of different types and sizes. If you’re not entirely certain what you need, we’re more than happy to help you find the right power solutions.

In general, you get what you pay for, so it’s wise to get a farming backup power generator larger than your most conservative estimates. Of course, diesel generators keep running for as long as you keep them fuelled up, but you want at least enough capacity to get through an entire day of power outage so you can work without interruption.

There are several advantages that put diesel generators ahead of the curve when it comes to supplying backup power for farms. Diesel is not only cheaper than petrol, but diesel engines are also more fuel efficient. This means it costs less to keep them running for longer.

Diesel engines are also much more convenient, requiring less maintenance than a petrol engine on average and having a much longer life span, lasting up to 3 times as long as other times to generators. They’re also safer, with less risk of ignition. Lastly, diesel engines are much more varied, with portable varieties that can be transported to different locations on the farm.

If you want to make sure that you have the reliable power supply that your farm needs to make it through a power outage while remaining safe and economically viable, then a farming diesel generator might just be the right choice for you.

At Diesel Generator Direct, we offer all kinds of farming generators and power systems and power equipment including portable generators, that can fit needs of all kinds and sizes. Take a look through our product page to see what we have in store or use our special offers to see the most cost-effective deals currently on the market.

If you need any help finding the right diesel standby generator systems for your farm, then our team is always on hand to help. Simply use the live chat app that pops up in the corner of your screen and we can make finding the right power supply all the easier.

Generator Focus: Cummins C1675D5

  • 1500 kVA Prime
  • 1675 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 440 Volts

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1500kVA Diesel Generator