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This Cummins Power Generation C33D5 silent 30kVA (prime) diesel generator is being placed onto a lorry for delivery to a farm in Suffolk, UK. The Cummins genset will be used for backup power to a grain store.


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A farmer from Suffolk contacted Diesel Generator Direct to find a backup generator that would provide a source of backup power to the grain stores on their farm. Most farms have grain store silos where they are used as storehouses for threshed grain or aminal feed. Initially, the grain must be dried and then kept in controlled conditions, keeping the temperature and moisture content of the grain at appropriate levels are essential factors in keeping grain fresh and ready for use.

Farm Power Generators

At this particular farm, the silos are using an automated agriculture grain monitor system which will keep an eye on the grain by taking occasional samples of the grain then the system will automate the fans, heaters and other equipment that will keep the grain in perfect condition when it's needed.

Farm Power Diesel Generators

A system like this works 24/7 365 days a year and needs to be powered off-grid to guarantee the grain is kept in perfect conditions. If the controls were turned off the grain could spoil quite rapidly and cost a lot to replace. The farmer informed us that one generator will be used to control and power all the equipment controlling the grain store. They were looking for a 30kVA (prime) generator to do that for them, ideally, it would be a quiet generator and 30kVA but apart from that, the farmer was open to different gen-set configurations.

We had three generators that fit the bill, all were 30kVA diesel generators as we had no gas or petrol generators at 30kVA. Firstly there is the Cummins C33D5 which offers 30kVA prime and 33kVA standby, the C33 D5 is a 3-phase, 50Hz silent diesel generator powered by a Cummins X-Series X3.3G1engine and features a Cummins Technologies Stamford PI144G alternator and a Cummins PowerCommand 1.1 control panel. Next, we suggested the Pramac GSW30P which comes in two versions; key start-up and automatic start-up. The automatic version features a ComAp control panel but apart from the control panel both versions of the Pramac GSW30P are 30 kVA / 24 kW prime and 33 kVA / 26 kW standby, 3-phase, 50Hz silent diesel generators powered by a UK Diesel Perkins 1103A-33G engine featuring a Mecc Alte ECP28-VL/4 alternator.

We spoke with the farmer about each diesel generator and he decided to go with the Cummins gen-set based on their remote monitoring technology that will allow him to keep an eye on the state of his grain while out ploughing in fields. The Cummins C33 D5 genset was purchased on Thursday and delivered to Suffolk the following day