Egypt Export Diesel Generators
Egypt Export Diesel Generator
Egypt Export Genset
Egypt Export Diesel Genset


Egypt Export Diesel Generators

Lebanon Export Gensets - The first 2 of 4 Cummins C1400D5 Diesel Generators being loaded for delivery to an export agent in Egypt who will sell these gensets individually to his local clients.

Egypt Export Gensets

This export agent in Egypt orders many of our higher kVA open Cummins diesel generators for his clients in the middle-east, he likes to save costs and bulk order as many generator sets as he can afford to pack into containers, thus saving on his shipping costs dramatically by squeezing as many products as he can fit.

Egypt Export Silent Generator

This time he has made an order for 4 C1400D5 open generators, buying in multiples allows us to really drill the price down and offer him an amazing deal per genset.

Egypt Export Silent Generators

TThis particular agent in Egypt used to take Caterpillar and Perkins engine generators from us, however, once he tried Cummins products he's never asked for anything else...says it all really, Cummins really do produce great generators for a huge range of applications covered by a comprehensive range of kVA power size options, if you need any help sourcing the right diesel generator solution for your home or business, get in touch with Diesel Generator Direct who will be happy to assist you finding the perfect power solution for your specific needs.