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egg farm generator power
egg farming power generator
egg generator farm power
egg farming power generators

Egg Farming Generator 

Diesel Generator Direct supplied this Cummins 100 kVA C110D5 Diesel Generator for egg farming power - This Cummins UK 100 kVA silent Diesel Generator is on its way to being installed at a UK Chicken Egg Farm, the Generator will provide backup Power in case of a power cut, keeping the automated egg collection running 24/7.

The Cummins Power Generation C110D5 silent generator operates at 100 kVA in prime mode and at 110 kVA for standby power application, this set features the Cummins 6BTAS.9G5 engine and this acoustically treated genset runs at 159 amps per phase, it's a best selling generator that's known to be a robust and compact generator featuring a Comap auto startup control panel.


Egg Farm Generator Power

This Cummins C110D5 100kVA silent power generator will be used at an egg farm. Poultry farming is the process of raising chickens for the purpose of farming eggs. Farmers collectively across the globe raise some 50 billion chickens a year, the chickens begin to be able to lay eggs at around 16-20 weeks of age with their production of the eggs reducing after around 25 weeks which leaves the chickens with a short window of their actual lives where they are able to lay eggs. 

Farm Generator

Located in the English East Midlands, South Lincolnshire is especially known for its agricultural industry due to the quality of the local soil which is very rich in nutrients. Lincolnshire continues to farm huge amounts of wheat, barley, sugar and oilseed rape but Lincolnshire farmers also specialize in potatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers and onions.

Farm Generator Power

The Cummins C110D5 100 kVA Diesel Generator will allow this particular egg farm to operate 24/7 regardless of local power cuts and outages which as you could imagine would cause considerable issues for Lincolnshire egg farmers due to the short window of egg production within a chickens lifespan. As the farm is located in an especially remote part of the Lincolnshire Wolds they do currently experience power cuts much more than farmers in other parts of the county. Because of the fitted ATS panel, the Cummins C110d5 power generator will kick into action the moment the power from the main rid drops ensuring a seamless supply of power to the farm keeping the precious chickens nice and cosy. If you need to find out about current power cut uk near you, use our power cut checker where you can enter your postcode to see if there are any current reported power outages.