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Doncaster Diesel Generator for Petrol and Service Station

This Cummins C110 D5 silent diesel generator is being loaded onto transport for the short delivery to a Motorway Petrol and Service Station near Doncaster in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The 100kVA gen-set will be used to supply backup electrical power to the pumps, forecourt and shop.


Doncaster Cummins Generator for Petrol Station

The manager for a collection of motorway service stations contacted Diesel Generator Direct UK to find a genset that could keep a petrol service station operating in the event of a power cut to replace their current Caterpillar DE110GC silent generator which has come to the end of its lifespan.

Doncaster Diesel Generator for sale UK

When the service station called Generator Direct he was very specific about the generator they were looking for. They wanted diesel fuel to power the gen-set, the unit would need to be a silent quiet generator with acoustic treatment, the generator would need to be 50Hz, 400V, three-phase and provide 108kVA of standby power on demand. They also wanted the generator to function for over two days without refuelling so an extra fuel tank could be required.

We took a look at our range of 100 kVA silent diesel generators to see which units would meet the customers criterea.

Doncaster Power Generators UK Diesel

Looking at the diesel generators that we could supply there were two units that stood out as meeting the requirements of the customer. The C110D5 by Cummins and the GSW110P by Pramac.

The Cummins C110D5 is a Cummins Power Generation gen-set that delivers 100 kVA 80 kW prime and 110 kVA 88 kW of power when used for backup or standby power powered by a Cummins 6BTA5.9G5 engine and featuring a Cummins Stamford UCI274C alternator and Cummins PowerCommand automatic control panel with remote control of the generator via an app. The Cummins C110D5 is a three-phase, 400V, 50Hz unit that comes with a battery charger, water heater, set mounted 4-pole circuit breaker, 350-litre base fuel tank & close fit acoustic Canopy (78 dBA @ 1m).

The GSW110p built by Pramac in Italy is a tier iiia emission compliant genset powered by a UK diesel Perkins 1104C-44TAG2 engine that offers 104 kVA / 83 kW prime and 115 kVA / 92 kW. The Pramac Perkins GSW110P features a Mecc Alte ECP34-2S/4 alternator and ComAp automatic control panel and comes complete with a battery charger, set mounted 3-pole circuit breaker, 209-litre base fuel tank & close fit acoustic canopy (67 dBA @ 7m).

After discussing the pros and cons of each generator with the dairy farmer, he decided to order the Cummins C110D5 silent diesel generator to power his automatic milking parlour. His decision was mainly down to the cheaper price of the Cummins Generator in comparison to the Pramac GSW110P.

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