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At Diesel Generators Direct, we appreciate that we occupy a very niche sector. Thus, we’re always interested when the generators that are our lifesblood make their way into the popular consciousness. Last week, Diesel Generators came to the forefront of the nation’s current affairs discourse last week… albeit in a very unorthodox and controversial way..

It came as the environmental awareness group Extinction Rebellion held a widespread protest that caused widespread disruption throughout London, targeting lambeth and Westminster, causing gridlock, pitching tents in busy areas and gluing themselves to buildings. The protests were coordinated alongside similar demonstrations by the group all over the world including Paris, Berlin, Dublin, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.


Protest Generators


While the Metropolitan Police Service did their best to mitigate the effects of the protests on operations, the protests caused significant disruption as demonstrators littered the area with plastic waste, . The peaceful but confrontational behaviour of the demonstrators drew debate and criticism throughout their proceedings… but particularly when protestors were snapped using what appeared to be a diesel generator.


Protest Power


The confrontational methods of the movement made them understandably divisive, even among those who were broadly sympathetic to their cause and ideals.

However, the sight of a protestor from a hard-core environmentalist group, perhaps understandably, drew the ire of commentators who took to social media to express their indignation.

One Twitter user posted an image of an Extinction Rebellion demonstrator using what appears to be a diesel generator sandwiched between two wooden palettes with the caption; “Hypocrites absolute Hypocrites. #ExtinctionRebellion camp in London using a diesel generator for power. Did they think the pallets made it invisible and soundproof?”

Diesel Gensets Used in Protest

Many other commentators gleefully jumped on the bandwagon, speculating as to whether or not the protestors had consumed enough “vegan protein” to lift the generator and accusing the protestors of being (in the words of one Twitter user) “typical crusties”.

However, there were some amicable voices of reason joining the debate, with one user venturing that “...They are not claiming to be ecologically perfect. We ALL live in a very imperfect system and have to do the best we can. They are merely doing something radical to get the govts attention to save the planet for our kids”.

The group itself denied that the video footage was taken in London. They claimed that the footage was taken in Australia (it was originally posted by a German Twitter user) and that the group always use solar powered generators. According to an article in The Telegraph it is believed that the group’s solar generators were confiscated by the police.

The generators weren’t the only instance of perceived hypocrisy by the group. When protestors were photographed eating lunch at McDonalds, Tory MP Ben Bradley remarked that their "lack of self-awareness is absolutely staggering". Presumably this is in reference to the fact that animal agriculture, especially the farming of cattle for meat, is one of the world’s biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, deforestation, habitat loss, energy and water use.

Yet, while undeniably a contributor to environmentally harmful animal agriculture, McDonalds is too high profile a brand not to have invested heavily in its Corporate Social Responsibility. In terms of sustainability, the hungry protestors certainly could have done worse. At least 50% of the brand’s recycling comes from renewable, recycled or certified sources and they even convert their used cooking oil into biodiesel to power their delivery trucks.

Diesel Generators Used in Protest

Why are we going into a tangent about McDonalds, you may ask? Trust us, there’s a point about diesel generators in here.

While on the face of it, protestors using McDonalds might be fair game for social media pundits, but a cursory look at the fast food giant’s policies on sustainability and environmental stewardship demonstrate that they do significantly more for sustainability than many other large scale suppliers of grilled beef patties.

Could it be that the claims made against diesel using demonstrators are also not quite so cut and dried?

But let’s just say, for the sake of argument that the Extinction Rebellion demonstrators in London mwere, indeed, using a diesel generator. Would that be enough to merit the

Sustainability is important to us at Diesel Generator Direct. While we appreciate that this may be paradoxical to some, we understand that the diesel generator industry as a whole is working towards cleaner and more sustainable practices. Alongside other industries that use diesel engines (like the automotive industry) the generator industry understands the importance of developing more sustainable practices which has led to the widespread implementation of clean and hybrid generators.

With a combination of cleaner diesel fuels, more advanced engines and more effective emission controls, the industry is working towards achieving lower and lower emissions for fine particles and dangerous compounds like nitrous oxides (NOx). Clean diesel also proven to be highly energy efficient and able to use renewable fuels.

Diesel generators, while an easy target for Twitter users seeking to undermine the efforts of a radical environmentalist group, can actually help us all work towards creating cleaner air, lower greenhouse gas emissions greater environmental sustainability.

What’s more, diesel’s energy efficiency makes it extremely useful for powering large scale events, whether they come in the form of a large-scale environmental protest or a corporate picnic, so we certainly wouldn’t judge the protestors for (allegedly) using a diesel generator.

We not only welcome the fact that this news story has shone a spotlight on the diesel generator industry, it has also given the industry an opportunity to recognise the importance of working towards more sustainable methods and technologies.

While last week’s protests are sure to generate debate for some time to come, we remain committed to ensuring that we continue doing what we do best… providing the highest quality selection of diesel generators. We’ll be with the industry every step of the way as it creates increasingly energy efficient and environmentally friendly models for all kinds of users.