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Dorset Diesel Genset This Cummins C330D5, 300 kVA (prime) silent diesel generator will be installed at a very busy carvery restaurant in Dorset to ensure food will be served when the establishment suffers a power cut which it has experienced several times in the past few months. Its really very important for those working in the hospitality industry to have a garunteed power supply regardless if the national grid has a problem, food can be spoiled, guests can have their evening brought to an early conclusion, even worse, they could be sleeping the night in your exablishment and their opinion of yourbusiness could hinge on how you deal with enexpected problems, just like a power outage.

Dorset Diesel Generator

Recently this restaurant has had too many power cuts to ignore the issue and they appear to be happening more frequently, especially during the winter months when there is more demand on the grid, they decided that enough was enough and they needed an adequate backup power solution to kick-in the moment a drop from the grid happens, this will ensure that all their customers continue to enjoy their time without a clue that the rest of the village is without power.

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Once the customer got in touch with Diesel Generator Direct, we knew immeditaly that a generator was they solution they required, but what size did they need/ We asked them to go-away and list all the electrical items that they would require to continue their operations in the event of a local or national power outage, once they has listed all the items they required to be on we knew the total amount of power that they would need, it turns out they only actually required 240 kVA of power but decided to give themselves some wiggle-room just in case the business got bigger than it is now.

Dorset Diesel Generators

The Cummins C330D5 silent 300 kVA Generator was the perfect option in this case, our client looked at the various 300kVA Generators on offer at Generator Direct firstly they decided that a diesel genset would suit their requirements then opted for the Cummins Power generation set on this occasion, sold on the quality of their engine and warranty, the customer has also taken advantage of our discounted service contracts that will ensure the smooth running of her set for years to come, ask us about diesel generator service contacts, we service all brands of generators and not just the gensets we sell.

In August nearly one million customers were left without power in a massive national grid failure that impacted both England and Wales including Dorset. Of course, for the people of Dorset and businesses in the area, power cuts are a familiar issue.

The August power cut was due to two main generator failures. However, due to the coastal location, the county is regularly battered by storms with high winds and heavy rainfall. The impact of these storms will often lead to both flooding as well as power cuts.

These power issues can last for minutes, hours or even days. Over the past several years, thousands of residents in Dorset have been left without power at crucial times of the year including on Christmas day.

Indeed, power cuts through Winter are incredibly common due to the worsening weather. It’s not uncommon for Dorset to experience multiple power cuts every month through the winter season.

Dorset’s economy is supported by a range of different industries. For instance 10% of the country's economy is manufacturing with industry leaders including Cobham plc situated here. Other major businesses in the area include BAW systems and J.P.Morgan. Construction also contributes to a significant 5% of the economy.

However, the main area for employment in Dorset is tertiary. More than 80% of Dorset’s economy is based on providing services.

Power cuts impact all of these different industries in a variety of ways. This is true even if the power cut is short. A power outage that lasts just 15 minutes could still cost a business operating in Dorset thousands.

Some of the effects of a power cut include IT system crashes, manufacturing equipment ceasing to function and retail tills freezing. Ultimately, whenever there is a power cut in Dorset, the entire economy can come to a grinding halt.

As well as bringing issues with productivity and costs, power cuts can damage the reputation of a business and lead to expensive repairs. For instance, a power outage that impacts a manufacturing business in Dorset could cause damage to key equipment.

Of course, homeowners are also impacted by power cuts as are general processes in Dorset. Power cuts will often impact public transport services and a vast range of solutions that general homeowners rely on. The power cut that was caused by the generators failing earlier this year lasted only minutes in most areas. Despite this public transport was delayed for hours

It can stop fridge and freezers working and extended power cuts will result in people needing to abandon their homes completely.

Power cuts in Dorset can also be quite dangerous. They can leave homes without heating and this can have a devastating impact on elderly individuals in particular.

Engineers will often work until power is restored. However, depending on the issue it can take days before all homes and businesses regain access to the power that they need.

Whether you live in the county or run a business in Dorset, you might be exploring possible solutions for power cuts. Although there are numerous options on the market, diesel generators are a fantastic choice that you should certainly consider.

Diesel-powered generators offer a highly efficient solution which makes them ideal for both businesses and homeowners alike. The main reason for the high-efficiency level is the cooling component. This ensures that the heat produced can be dealt with and ensures that the generator does not require water pumps, a coolant or temperature gauge.

Another key benefit is that diesel generators do provide a cost-effective solution. Diesel generators are cheap to run even for extended periods. They are also available on the market at lower prices. This means that they will provide savings in both the long and short time. You won’t even need to worry about replacing a lot of parts because these generators require less maintenance and are more reliable than most other options on the market.

Another great reason to opt for a diesel generator is that they do deliver a versatile solution. You can use these generators to power a home full time or as a temporary backup system. They can also be suitable for powering a wide range of different equipment. As such, a diesel generator could be a suitable option whether you need to run a room full of computers or a heavy piece of manufacturing equipment.

Experts have suggested that areas in the UK like Dorset will experience more power cuts in the future. This is due to changes in the climate and weather conditions as well as more pressure on the power grid. As such, it is essential that businesses and homeowners are prepared.



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