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Diesel Generator in Birmingham - This Pramac Perkins GSW45P silent diesel generator was retrofitted with a remote GSM start module so the farmer could start the unit from their mobile phones whilst travelling to the farm in readiness for Lambing season. This set will travel to Birmingham where this city farm is located, the GSW45P is a 46 kVA Generator power when used in prime mode, 48kVA when used as a backup or standby generator.

Birmingham Silent Diesel Generator

Birmingham is one of the UK’s largest and most booming cities. Home to thousands of business, in 2018 alone, Birmingham saw a rise of over 18,000 new businesses, making it the biggest outside of London. It’s certainly a city that is home to service industries and factories, all of which are powered by electricity. On the whole, Birmingham is generated by power that comes from third-party sources; most businesses do not have their own energy supply but the need to have one is certainly growing.

Birmingham Power Generators

In Birmingham, power cuts are becoming more frequent, and up to 500,000 can be left without power. That is a shocking statistic and for businesses, it could potentially be a very damaging issue. The national grid, which is responsible for the city’s power, lost function in one of its generators, and this means loss of power. Usually, it can be fixed within twenty-four hours, but if this is during a working day, it can mean loss of money, people unable to receive your services or angry customers, which in turn could mean loss of custom. This loss of power is often linked to travel too and can halt transit services and even stop trains which in turn stops commuters from getting from A to B. So, one main way to stop this is to look at buying a diesel generator to use as your backup system, for when these cuts happen. These generators preferable to other types of backup systems but they are incredibly important and vital for businesses.

Birmingham Diesel Generators

Ensuring you have a good working backup system means that if a power outage should occur, like the business in this article, they identified the issue and called diesel generator direct for advice, after a short call the customer knew that they were looking for a 40 kVA generator, they also wanted the Genset to be quiet and elected to go for a silent generator with a canopy covering the engine and keeping the noise levels down to a respectable level.  you can resume your normal working life, with the electricity you need to power your computers, lighting and any machinery and equipment. You can prevent loss of work as often generators will kick start immediately meaning you do not lose work or time. Diesel is a favourite as it uses a lot less fuel than other gasoline-powered generators. They are efficient and will run for longer, meaning that you are being cost-effective as well as sensible. Usually, it works with an electrical pump which causes a flower of electricity through the system of wires and will supply you with the energy you need, it can last long enough for the rest of the day or as long as needed at a much cheaper cost. Businesses that opt for backup power systems, have no worries for the welfare of their workers or their business. Diesel generators typically last 30,000 hours without overhauling the system whereas a regular petrol generator, not fuelled by diesel, will last only around 1000 hours, which makes it much more economic. A Diesel generator can also be implemented into a home as well as businesses which may be favourable if you are looking after children or vulnerable people, it is important to ensure that they are not affected by loss of power; however, this is something that should be looked into if you are planning on having one in your home.


Generator Focus: Pramac GSW45P

  • 46 kVA Prime
  • 48 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 400 Volts

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45kVA Pramac GSW45P Diesel Generator

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