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Diesel Generator for Backup

The Belgian police force are turning over a new ‘greener’ leaf, so to speak, by adding the Tesla Model S to their patrol fleet. With rapidly evolving technology, electric cars are swiftly becoming an attractive addition to any business or regular user and the endorsement of a developed forward-thinking nations police fleet is a solid testament to that. It’s a win win for Tesla and the police, Tesla showcase their product via the police and in return the police project their ethical credentials, after all what’s not to like about the electrical car? They’re cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain, better for the environment and provide countless health benefits. However, this technology does pose us new questions as to how we can rely on the electric car 365 days a year, 7 days a week and the press release on this occasion demonstrates it..

In the press release the Belgian Police proudly showcase their shiny sparkling new Teslas front and centre, fully adorned with Belgian Police livery and lights in a range of publicity shots and fanfare, a persuasive sight for any potential electrical car owner! If the police trust the technology to catch criminal and save lives it must be good enough for me, right? But what's a little more interesting to us it's what’s lurking in the background of one of the images… a Cummins Diesel Generator.

Although at first sight it may appear so, the Tesla is not directly plugged into the Cummins Silent Generator, the power charging the car is supplied from the mains as normal. But when taking on a new technology like this, every factor must be taken into consideration and the Police will have conducted their own internal risk assessment and deduced what we’ll all eventually figure out...what happens when the power fails?

Silent Generators Solve the Problem!

Power failures happen, fact! They happen in cities, in the countryside, they happen in winter and they happen in summer. Whether its due to demand, line failures or freak weather they’re a major inconvenience for anyone and the introduction of the electric car is only going to make them even more inconvenient and potentially in some cases, disastrous. Soon not only our homes will be out of action, but our transport too.

The Belgian police use their Cummins Diesel Generator to provide backup power to the fleet, ensuring the Tesla can remain operational and charged 24/7. Already it’s not unusual for emergency services to have generators installed onsite, so they can continue to operate even when there’s no power; for example, during natural disasters.

What's sure is that electric cars are set to become the norm, and many countries and services are expecting them to roll out over the coming years, with them will be backup generators as the only alternative solution to a loss of mains power. Right now the majority of people don’t own an EV, but may have considered it as a better option for the planet and their lifestyle. More and more people are looking to live a greener life and make more of an effort to preserve the planet, and that’s what EVs coupled with generators can do. Without a generator, they’re just a liability.

When everyone eventually does turn to electric, as this is clearly where the future is heading, the demand on the mains supply will be increased greatly. During winter months the UK already gets worryingly close to peak demand, which is why having diesel powered generator to supply your own power is imperative and will safeguard you in the long run.

Diesel Generator & Electric Car Benefits

Below we discuss the benefits of electric vehicles and generators installed at home.

Why Invest in an EV and Home Generator?

Decreasing your personal impact on the environment means paying attention to how you get around. Public transport can be effective but is not always a choice, depending on where you’re going and how long you have to get there. Instead, an EV can be useful, especially with a backup generator at your home or business to power the vehicle and ensure no stalling along the way.

We have established that electric cars are the future but to ensure us seamless transportation we need a contingency plan (such as a generator), for peace of mind. And even though the generator is a cost you may not have initially considered, together with an electric car they can improve your life by saving you money, reducing your carbon footprint and the lives of people around you. The generator can also act as a backup for your home too, so now you're even more covered for any power outages than you were beforehand.

Diesel Generator Buying Advice

It’s important that you purchase a high-quality generator from a professional and trusted company, and that you do your research beforehand to make sure you find the perfect one for your needs. Like the Belgian Police, we would highly recommend our Cummins range, of course, however, we also offer many other brands such as Perkins, Pramac, Yanmar, Volvo and more, so get in touch with us to find out which exact model we suggest for your requirements. The Belgian police force believes that their shiny new diesel generator is a great back up, and we know many Electric Car users will find it useful too.

Having a professional come out to install the generator will stop any problems from occurring, and also help you to avoid voiding your warranty. You may need an electrical permit, but this can depend on your location, state, and perhaps other factors. Make sure you check with your local authority if you’re unsure.

A professional will discuss the best place to install your generator, different mounting options, and whether there are any concerns to be aware of before the installation takes place.

The electrical service you have currently will need to be able to handle your generator, too. Many shouldn’t have an issue, but it is still important to check. An additional circuit breaker will need to be installed in your electrical panel. Wiring for the new outlet can be run through the walls, or you can use external wiring. Your electrician will give you advice on the best route to go for your home and needs.

Many homeowners who are building new homes are also considering having a car charging generator installed at the same time as the electrician installs the home’s wiring. Not only will this future proof your home, it will also make it more desirable and add resale value if you come to sell it down the line. Even if you don’t own an electric vehicle now, there’s every possibility that you will own one in the future.

Silent Generators for you

The Belgium police are using electric cars and have their Cummins generators as backup; if it’s good enough for the emergency services, is it good enough for you? An EV with a Cummins diesel generator at home is a smarter, more eco-friendly choice. You’ll be glad you made the switch!