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Milton Keynes Diesel Generators - This Cummins C220D5e 200kVA (prime) silent diesel generator is leaving the Advanced factory in Yorkshire to beinstalled at a YMCA site near Milton Keynes in Hertforshire, UK.

Milton Keynes Cummins Diesel Generator

The Cummins Power generation C220D5e is an emissionised 200kVA silent generator that is perfect in kVA power size for this large YMCA building in Hertfordshire, with a large amount of dependency on electricity coming from this building it was important that there was more than enough power coming from the generator to cope with large demand coming from the building itself. If you are thinking about a backup generator for your business there may be a number of questions that you would like to ask prior to a purchase like; how does a diesel generator work?, what is kVA? or anything else genset related, for help on these an any other questions, please get in touch with the team who will be more than happy to assist you with any questions.

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As the YMCA is located in the center of Milton Keynes they have not experienced many power cuts this year, however, they have experienced at least 5, which is too many for them to accept, people that visit the YMCA can often feel down and need to pick themselves off the ground, they could be new to Milton Keynes, the YMCA gives them a reason not to be unhappy, its important that there is a place they can go, when they are down on money where they can have a good time. Power cuts are definatly not fun and they can ruin the evening of the YMCA members who coul be enjoying thier first good nights sleep and hot meal in a long time.

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For more up-to-date information and live power cut news from the Hertfordshire region of the UK, take a look at our UK Power Cut Checker, it serves the latest power outage information from the major electricity suppliers covering England, Scotland, Wales and Norther Ireland. based in London, 'UK Power Networks' is the operator that covers London, East Anglia and South East England


Generator Focus: Cummins C220D5e

  • 300 kVA Prime
  • 330 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 415 Volts

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