Data Centre Cummins Diesel Generators for sale UK
Data Centre Silent Diesel Generators kVA genset
Data Centre Cummins Power Generator
Data Centre Silent Cummins Power Generators UK

Data Centre Cummins Diesel Generators

This Cummins C330 D5 300kVA (prime) silent diesel generator is being loaded onto transport for delivery to London where the gen-set will be used to supply backup power to a Data Centre.


Data Centre Silent Diesel Generators

This is the third time we have supplied this customer with a backup generator for one of their data centre facilities.

Data Centre Cummins Power Generator

This time the Data Centre business was looking for exactly the same specification generator a previous project to electrical backup supply power to an identical Data Centre build, they are looking for a 300kVA (prime), 500Hz, 400V, diesel-fueled Cummins quiet generator, the Cummins C330 D5 was identified as the genset they would like to use going forward as their next Data Centre Diesel Generator.

Data Centre Silent Cummins Power Generators UK

The Cummins C330D5 is a 3-phase, 50Hz, 400V unit delivering 300 kVA / 240 kW of prime electricity and 330 kVA 264 kW of electrical power when used for standby or backup power use. The Cummins Power Generation C330D5 generator is powered by a Cummins QSL9G5 engine and features a Cummins Stamford HCI4D Alternator and Cummins PowerCommand 1.2 automatic control panel, the Cummins C330D5 comes with a battery charger, water heater, set mounted 4-pole circuit breaker, 691-litre base fuel tank & close fit acoustic canopy that reduces the noise from the engine to just 77 dBA from 1m away from the set.

We also offered the customer a Pramac GSW340 which delivers slightly more power at 313 kVA / 250 kW prime and 343 kVA 275 kW in standby, the Pramac GSW340 is powered by a UK built Perkins diesel 1506A-E88TAG5 engine and features a Mecc Alte ECO38-3LN/4 alternator and ComAp automatic control panel.

The customer was not interested in the Pramac Perkins generator as he had used many Cummins generators in the past and was very happy with their performance, they wanted to go ahead and order the Cummins 300kVA Diesel Generators.

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Data Centre Cummins Diesel Generator Power