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Construction Genset Power

Construction Gensets - This Cummins C330D5 300 kVA Open Diesel Generator is leaving the works to be used for backup power to a construction and concrete company in Yorkshire, UK.


Construction Genset Electricity Power

This Yorkshire business has experienced a couple of very inconvenient power cuts in the last month which has had quite an impact on the companies finances, the timing of these two power cuts was more than enough for the owners to begin looking at a contingency plan when the construction company worked out what they had lost in the last month, they found that a backup generator was obvious solution especially considering the loss of income in the last month alone would cover the cost of the generator they eventually decided to buy.

Construction Genset Electricity

The Cummins C330D5 open genset has 300kVA when used in prime mode but when in standby mode it becomes a 330 kVA Generator, this was more powerful than the construction company needed to operate but left them ample headroom should the business continue to grow over the next few years.

Construction Genset Electricity Supply

GWhen this construction business was considering the genset they needed, they looked at open versus silent generators and even though the silent generators are considerably quieter than their open counterparts, the difference in price between the two generators was the deciding factor, that and the fact they have a perfect outhouse which can accommodate this open diesel generator.