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Construction Diesel Generator Power

Construction Diesel Generators - This Cummins 200 kVA silent tier III compliant diesel generator will provide backup power to a brand new facility housing one of the UK,s largest construction companies HQ close to the city of London, United Kingdom.

Construction Generators

In recent years, the diesel generator hire market has been performing exceptionally well. According to statistics that were published by AMA Research, the market has grown 29 per cent since 2014. Over this period of time, the market has experienced increasing demand across many application areas, with construction being one of the main industries for this, as well as industrial, infrastructure, and events. Aside from this, other drivers include critical applications requiring more secure back-up support and the rising power demand in a number of different sectors. In this guide, we are going to take a look at the UK construction industry’s use of generators in particular, so continue reading to discover everything you need to know...

New advancements with regards to construction tools and equipment mean that tasks can now be completed quickly and in a safer manner than ever before. There are so many different types of large automated tools that are accessible to construction companies today. This includes everything from air compressors to concrete mixers. However, a lot of tools are going to require generators in order to run efficiently, as utility power is often not available at construction sites. A power generator can also mean less exhaust pollution and noise in a populated area.

There are many different size generators available for the construction industry, and the diesel generator a construction firm chooses to hire will depend on the nature of the task at hand. For small to medium requirements, companies will typically choose from a generator with an output voltage between 120 and 480 VAC, as well as a generator ranging from 10 to 499 kW.

For bigger scale projects, a large amount of power is going to be needed. Therefore, construction businesses will seek generators that have a capacity that rates between 500 and 4,000 kW. In terms of output voltages, this could be anything from 208 to 13,800.

Construction Generators

What are some of the essential features of generators that are used at construction sites?

  • Generator manufacturers provide a range of different post-sale and pre-sale services. This includes 24/7 breakdown, AMC, preventative maintenance, training, installation and they will recommend power requirement.
  • Generator manufacturers will also provide generators that comply with the various international and UK standards that are in place.
  • Stationary generators are desirable at large construction building sites. However, portable generators can also be beneficial if you are going to be moving from one area to another.
  • Solar generators are also catching up in this sector. This is because they are more environmentally friendly, they offer a lower cost of running, and they boast a silent operation.
  • You can also get inverter generators, which are silent to run. However, these generators have a lower output.
  • There are lots of different types of fuel to choose from to power the generator, from diesel and petrol to gas and kerosene.
  • These generators are robust and rugged, which means they can withstand harsh environmental conditions at construction sites

It is worth elaborating on one of the points that was mentioned in the list above, and this is with the international and UK standards that are in place. All construction site managers know the importance of health and safety. There are many different risks in this sector, and they need to take provisions to ensure risks are minimised. Failure to do this can result in a large fine from HMRC. This is why statutory compliance is such a huge consideration when you are looking for generators, either to purchase or to hire. There are lots of different standards in place, from ISO 8528, which is the standard for a generating set, to ISO and ISO standards for acoustic enclosure. Therefore, this is something that all construction managers need to take very carefully when hiring or buying a generator so they can make sure they adhere to the rules and regulations in place.

Construction Gensets

All things considered, we hope that this article has helped you to get a better understanding regarding how generators play an important role in the construction sector. As you can see, there are many different types of generators to choose from and you need to make sure you choose the right one for the nature of the construction task at hand, if you are looking for a 400kVA Generator, we highly reccomend the Cummins C450D5 silent genset.

Generator Focus: Cummins C1100D5

  • 1000 kVA Prime
  • 1100 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 440 Volts

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