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cummins 60kVA silent generator for concrete pumping at building site

concrete pumping, cummins 60 kva generator for power cut backup
concrete power, cummins 60 kva generator for power cut backup
60kVA Cummins Power Generation diesel generator for concrete pumping
60kVA C66D5 Cummins Diesel Generator for concrete pumping

Silent Generator for Concrete Pumping at Building Site in Buckinghamshire, UK

This 60 kVA Cummins C66D5 silent generator will provide power for mixing concrete at a building site in Buckinghamshire, the remote location of the site means that power from the grid is inaccessible during the build and therefore a local power solution is required, The C66D5 is perfect for this job with more than enough required power to keep the mixers churning away.

The Silent Generator will be supplying power continously while the site is in operation.

Cummins UK Diesel Generator for Concrete Mixing in Buckinghamshire

This Cummins 60 kVA power generator will help to maintain a constant power supply for the team on site, ensuring production and efficiancy is at a premium.

60 kVA Silent Generator for Concrete Mixing in Buckinghamshire

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Cummins Diesel Generator for Concrete pumping