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cummins 35kVA silent generator for Christmas Tree Wholesalers

Christmas Tree, cummins 60 kva generator for power cut backup
tree power, cummins 35 kva generator for power cut backup
35kVA Cummins Power Generation diesel generator for christmas trees
35kVA C38D5 Cummins Diesel Generator for Christmas Tree Power

Silent Generator for Christmas Tree Wholesaler in Wiltshire, UK

This 35 kVA Cummins C38D5 silent generator will provide power at a Christmas Tree wholesaler in Wiltshire, the generator will provice power to the business which is off the beaten track and therefore out of the national grids range, The C38D5 is ideal for this requirement with more than enough power to keep the trees lit up for the customers.

The Cummins Silent Generator will be supplying power continously while the site is in operation leading up to the Christmas festive period.

Cummins UK C38D5 Diesel Generator for Christmas Tree Wholesaler in Wiltshire

This Cummins 35 kVA power generator will help to maintain a constant power supply for the team on site.

Christmas Tree 35 kVA Silent Generator

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Christmas Tree Cummins Diesel Generator