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Car Recycling Diesel Electricity Supply


Car Recycling Generator Power

Car Recycling Diesel Generator Power - This silent Pramac 20 kVA diesel generator with Perkins engine GBW22p was collected from our works in Yorkshire, UK on the same day as we received the enquiry for a car recycling yard in Suffolk. Unlike others – we actually do have the stock and stand by the phrase – Pay & Collect – Same Day, we do not build to order!

Car Recycling Backup Power

This Pramac GBW22p genset with Perkins engine will be used as a backup power solution for when power cuts happen in this area of the UK, the 20kVA diesel generator will be turned on manually by the staff when the regular power supply from UK Power Networks drops, the car recycling business will continue to operate while other businesses locally will be waiting for the power to be turned back on.

Car Recycling Electricity

If you live in London or the South East of England you can use our Power Cut Checker to find out if there has been a drop in electricity service in your area.

Car Recycling Electricity Supply

If you are looking for a backup power solution specifially built for your requirements then get in touch with our team who will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect generator uk solution