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Burger Van Genset - This Tier iiia emission compliant Cummins 50kVA Silent Diesel Generator C55D5e will be used to provide prime power to a mobile Pizzeria trailer which will be towed to various sports and food events across the UK and Ireland.

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Power cuts in Cornwall are a common occurrence. In August this year, they ravaged the county as stormy weather swept in from the Atlantic. The cuts affected businesses and public services in Truro and Newquay, stopping the traffic lights from working and making the lights go dark at many company premises.

If you are a company that is always on the move and you have a need for power, you are probably more than familiar with how handy a diesel generator can be. What you may not be familiar with though is the legalities that surround the generator you might be using.

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In this article, we are going to be taking a close look at why you should be using a tier iiia compliant generator and the ramifications should you choose not to.

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For those that aren’t aware, tier iiia is a European standard that defines the allowed number of four primary pollutants. Movable generating sets from 18 to 560kVA are needed to meet the tier 3a requirement for diesel generators.

These allowances do not apply to emergency generating sets or stationary ones. Both of the aforementioned are only required to meet tier 2 requirements. When looking at moveable generator sets, they are generally either rentals or sets that will be moved more than twice per year.

In the case of companies that move around the country, you will need to ensure that you are using a tier 3a diesel generator.

As a company who hosts events, runs a travelling fairground or even perform highway maintenance, there will always be a need for power.

As with many travelling businesses, you often won’t have access to mains power, and when you do, it’s a certainty that your client will probably not want you powering the whole event at a charge to them.

Having a tier iiia diesel generator at hand when you are travelling around the country is a must-have, so you can provide the very best service. You should always take into account that getting the right generator is essential.

Some companies have been on the wrong side of the law when it comes to their diesel generators and not having one that is tier iiia compliant can land you in some really hot water with the law.

If you are caught with a tier iiia generator, you are going to be faced with an on the spot fine of up to £1000, and if the authorities can show you have used the generator more than once, you will be fined for each time you have used the generator.

It has been shown that non-tier iiia diesel generators play a massive part in London air pollution as well as many other factors.


Moving forward, businesses that move generators into and around London may face increasingly larger fines and eventually having generators confiscated. The city of London has recently updated its Local Plan Air Quality Policy, and this document will really aid in identifying the simple benefits using a tier iiia could have.

If you are a new business or you are expanding, and you require a generator. You are possibly wondering what’s the best option, renting or buying.

Let’s be honest; this decision is always going to come down to cost as the number one determining factor as to what you eventually decide.

Tier iiia diesel generator rental can be an incredible option, but you should recognise that it’s only viable as a short term option. If you are a company that relies on having power at every event or job you do, renting can be extremely costly.

Generator rentals are great, we cannot say they aren’t, but they will only ever be a great short term solution. Smaller generators can cost up to £150 per day and if you require one for three days per week, every week for a year that will cost you over £22,000 per year.

Not only does buying a generator save money, but it will also help massively when it comes to mitigating the risks you would usually run into when you do not have a permanent power supply. If there is one thing that every business needs, it’s consistency, especially if you are hosting an event.

Generator rentals are great, we cannot say they aren’t, but they will only ever be a great short term solution. Smaller generators can cost up to £150 per day and if you require one for three days per week, every week for a year that will cost you over £22,000 per year.

Imagine hosting a wedding or corporate event only for the mains to be overloaded halfway through. Your company would have a lot to answer for, simply having a tier iiia diesel generator on hand reduces the risk of this to zero.

Should you host events where you are connected to mains power, having a generator there as a backup will ensure that you are not left red-faced and embarrassed. In conclusion, if you need a solution that can give you access to uninterruptible power and ensure zero downtime, then a tier iiia diesel generator is one of the best investments you can make.


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  • 1100 kVA Standby
  • 50 Htz Frequency
  • 380 - 440 Volts

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