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Building Generator Power

Building Generators - A Cummins C33D5 30kVA Diesel Generator is being delivered to a business that makes plastic alternatives to construction & building materials in Manchester, UK


Building Electricity Power

Diesel Generators provide backup power to businesses that would like to keep operating when there is a drop in their electricity supply from the mains, this northern company has received more power cuts this year than they can afford, the cost of this backup generator will save their business more than just money by keeping them in production and on track to deliver their orders when promised.

Building Electricity

This plastic manufacturing company needed much less power than they first thought, once getting in-touch with Diesel Generator Direct, we were able to streamline the operational necessities for the business and maximize their power use efficiency at the same time. Once we had calculated all the electrical devices and machines that were required they were amazed at the cost hey would need to pay to stay operational.

Building Genset Electricity Supply

Generators are very efficient, especially generators powered by diesel fuel, the customer on this occasion opted for an ultra-efficient Cummins generator C33D5 along with an ATS panel that ensures the genset will kick into action the moment the mains power drops.