Brickwork Electric Power Diesel Generator
Brickwork Electric Power Generator
Brickwork Electric Power Genset
Brickwork Electric Power gen-set

Brickwork Electric Power Generator

Brickwork Electric Power Genset - This 400kVA diesel generator will supply a source of backup electrical power to a Brickworks in Brighton, this C400D5eb is a silent generator capable of 360 kVA in prime mode and 400kVA of power when its used for standby or backup application.


Brickwork Electric Power Silent Generator

The brick manufacturer from Brighton creates bricks from clay. The clay is molded into shape then dried before burning in the kiln. The kiln is used to strengthen and harden the brick, once its been cooled they are set and packaged, its widely understood in the industry that a well-fired brick will almost last forever. The kiln that produces these bricks is essential for the smooth running of this business, basically the kiln is a type of oven which contains a thermally insulated chamber in which the molded and set bricks are placed, next the kiln produces temperatures required to fire the clay bricks, this process will harden the brick, it will dry the bricks out and some chemical changes will occur.

Brickwork Electric Power Generators

The owner of the Brighton Brickworks got in touch with Diesel Generator Direct because they had received 6 power cuts during business hours in 2020 alone, this had caused many problems fore the business. They were unable to fulfill orders which in-turn led to local building projects being delayed, this led to a loss of business from a couple of their largest customers and they decided that they could not let this happen again, they needed a backup power source to keep the brickwork kiln fired up at all times during business hours if they are to keep up with their commitments to their customers. As its solely the kiln itself that needs to have power it was really very easy to discover how much power the brickworks would require in the event of unexpected power loss. The kiln itself would need just under 400kVA of power to operate, they also wanted the generator solution to kick into action the moment it detects a drop in power from the mains grid or a whole batch of bricks could be lost should a power outage happen in the middle of a batch of bricks being fired.

Brickwork Power Genset

There were three generator options we felt would be suitable for the customers requirements; the Pramac GSW415P is a 356kVA Prime and 408kVA Standby silent diesel generator, this Genset offers a Perkins generator engine 2206A-E13TAG2 a Mecc Alte ECO40-1S alternator with Comap control panel. Next we suggested the Cummins C400D5eb silent diesel generator, this Genset features a Cummins Power built QSZ13-G7 engine, the C400 D5 is also a tier iiia emission compliant gen-set and finally we offered the Pramac GSW415V which offers 380kVA of power in prime mode and 380kVA when used for backup, this diesel generator is a Pramac built unit with a Volvo generator engine. After a discussion with our team the customer decided to go with the Cummins UK C400D5eb Genset.

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