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Battersea Diesel Generator

Battersea Generator - This 30kVA Pramac genset with Perkins engine will provide backup power to a contractors site office at the new Battersea Power Station site in central London.


Battersea Diesel Generators

Battersea is w well-known and exclusive area of London, located to the west of the city Battersea is within walking distance of exclusive ares such as Chelsea and Fulham, in the UK Battersea is know nationwide for two things; the dogs home and the power station, the power station is a decommissioned coal-fired power station which is now being redeveloped to fit in with its contempory London surroundings while keeping the charm of this Grade II listed building.

BatterseaSilent Generator

This particular diesel generator set will be used by one of the many contracters currecntly working on the site, the 30kVA Pramac Perkins diesel generator will provide backup power making sure the contractor can continue their work 24/7 on this massive project. The generator itself is a key-start model providing 43 amps per phase.

Battersea Generator

Regardless of power cuts and power outages this generator will be there to provide backup power on demand.