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diesel generator for Bangladesh

Bangladesh Generator Reseller Sales

Diesel Generator Direct supplied these two Cummins 2250 kVA diesel generators C2250D5 which are being loaded and shipped to Bangladesh where they will provide backup power to a well-known banking group to cover their business from the frequent power cuts they are experiencing in the country.

The C2250D5 open industrial power generator runs at 2000kVA in prime mode and 2250 kVA for standby application, featuring the Cummins Power Generation QSK60G4 Cummins Engine this genset runs at 3248 Amps per phase, this generator also features a 50°C Radiator Option Available on Request.


Bangladesh National Grid

The electricity grid in Bangladesh is currently in a sorry state with power cuts happening frequently, as of 2018 the national grid was only capable of providing a meagre 16,048 Mega Watts of power at maximum output. In 2023 Bangladesh will have completed their new 2.4-gigawatt Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant. Currently, around 90% of people in Bangladesh have access to power however as a nation they use a relatively small amount of electricity compared with other nations. Currently, there are many issues with the state of the Bangladesh electric power sector; delays in the completion of new power plants and low on their efficiency when they are completed. With this in mind companies and homeowners are providing their own backup power solutions for when the power outages occur, currently Bangladesh power cuts are frequent compared to other nations. This client has opted for a large kVA Cummins open genset that will be used to provide backup power to the back when the power cuts occur, the set is large and more than capable of supplying the bank with enough power to operate, modern Bangladeshi life is so reliant on electricity that a prolonged blackout would quickly lead to a melt-down of the system.

Bangladesh Power Generator

Bangladesh is undergoing somewhat of a power revolution with plans in place making it one of the most energy growing nations on earth, however currently more than a third of the Bangladeshi population still have no access to a reliable electricity supply.

Bangladesh Power