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مولدات ليبيا
مولدات ليبيا

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Bahrain Generators - This Cummins C330D5 300 kVA silent diesel generator is being loaded onto its trasport for delivery to a hotel in Bahrain where it will provide backup power during mains power cuts, although power cuts in Bahrain are rare, this five star establishment cannot afford for thier guests to even experiance an hour of lost power, their guests have paid alot to visit and they expect a certain standard during their stay, power and electricity is a funemental for a wide-range of services the hotel offers from dining, to spas and restuarants, all of these hotel services require electricity to operate.

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Bahrain, officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a sovereign state situated in the Persian Gulf. Once the Baharain hotel had made the decision to source a relible backup power generator, they had a look at a few companies that could provide the reliable genset they required. The Kingdom of Bahrain hotel had three main requests from the generator they were looking for; It needed to more than adequtly over the amount of electricity they could ever require and some headroom to allow for thr hotels natural growth, they needed the set to be efficiant, as always in business the bottom line is important to consider, finally they needed the generator to be discreet and quiet.

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After shopping around the hotel identified Diesel Generator Direct as a company that could the perfect solution for their requirements. Once they got in touch with Diesel Generator Direct we wer able to listen to our cusotmers requests and offer what we thought was the best solution for their requirements, after some discussion we offered them the Cummins UK C330D5 silent diesel generator with 300 kVA prime and 330 kVA when used as a bakup solution in standby mode, this set is efficiant, quiet and compact with a considerable small footprint for such a power generator. It ticket all the boxes for the hotel. If you’re expanding your operations into Bahrain, or looking to start up a brand new business there, our expert team are on hand to help you choose the right generator for your needs.

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If you would like to know the latest power cut and power outage information from the UK, then why not take a look at the Diesel Generator Direct power cut checker then you will know if there is a power cut near me or any other power outage in the UK. When deciding on the perfect generator for youe needs, then Diesel Generator Direct is the perfect place to find your ideal backup solution, bacuse we stock such a wide range of products and solutions we'll never try to shoehorn you into making a purchase that is nothing but ideal for your requirements, its this dedication to detail that has seperated us from our competitors.

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