Hospital Backup Diesel Generators
Hospital Backup Diesel Generator
Hospital Backup Genset
Hospital Backup Diesel Genset


Hospital Backup Diesel Generators

Hospital Backup Genset - This Cummins C330D5 is being loaded onto transport for delivery to a hospital in Wales, UK where it will be used to provide backup power to an essential medical department at a large hospital.

Hospital Backup Gensets

This hospital in Wals had already purchased a number of other backup generators in the past, on this occasion they needed backup an essential hospital department that's not connected to the main hospital infrastructure.

Hospital Backup Silent Generator

The department required just under 310 kVA of backup generator power to cover all the equipment in the department when everything is switched on, the C330D5 is able to produce 330kVA of electrical power when in standby mode, leaving plenty of headroom were they to install any more equipment in the future.

Hospital Backup Silent Generators

The Cummins C330D5 silent diesel generator operates with 300kVA in prime application mode and 330kVA when used for backup/standby operations, this genset comes with a Cummins own built engine and close-fit canopy to keep the noise levels right down to an acceptable level.