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agricultural diesel generators
agriculture diesel generators
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Agriculture Diesel Generators 

Agriculture Diesel Generator Power - Farmers across the UK are choosing DIESEL GENERATOR DIRECT to supply them with their backup power needs – This 35 kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator will power the lights and essential equipment at a Cardiff farm.

The C38D5 Cummins silent generator operates at 35 kVA (28 kW) in prime setting and at 38 kVA (30.4 kW) for standby backup power, featuring the workhorse Cummins UK X3.3G1 engine, this acoustically treated genset operates at 55 amps per phase, it's a robust compact and reliable generator that delivers the power on demand, this genset comes complete with: Battery Charger, Water Heater, Set Mounted 4-pole Circuit Breaker, 175 litre Base Fuel Tank & Close Fit Acoustic Canopy (77 dBA @ 1m) and 2 years Cummins manufacturer warranty.


Agriculture Generators

This Cummins Power Generation 35 kVA (prime) silent generator will be used to provide backup power to a farm in Cardiff, Wales.

Agricultural Silent Generator

Agriculture is a significant industry in the UK forming 0.52 percent to the GDP, the main crops farmed in the UK include wheat, oats, barley, potatoes, sugar beet, beans, peas, cabbages, beat, vetches, rape, kale, apples, pears and hay which is mainly used for an.

Agriculture Power Diesel Generators

Diesel Generator Direct are proud to supply the aggricultuiral industry with power solutions and our expertise in this sector make us a natural fit for anyone looking to source an agricultural power solution for their specific requirements.