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Agriculture Diesel Generator for Farm

This Cummins C33 D5 Silent 30 kVA Diesel Generator will provide backup power to a remote countryside farm near Greenham her in the UK.

This Silent Generator will provide the farm with reliable standby backup power should a power cut or power outage occur, the C33D5 by Cummins Power generation is neatly packaged in a Cummins UK built canopy making this genset is perfect for keeping the noise down when it kicks into action when the main power grid drops. Take a look at our range of Cummins open and silent generators,  5kVA up to 3000kVA power outputs are available. Our Cummins sets are built to the highest specifications at the Cummins global production facility  Diesel Generator Direct is proud to be an official Cummins Power Generation supplier for the UK. 

At Diesel generator Direct we also stock a large range of generator solutions, small generators, portable generators, Tier IIIa generators, open generators, diesel generators, open generators, silent generators, petrol generators, power generators, inustrial generatos from the globes leading generator brands such as Cummins, Pramac Generators and Perkins Generators.  We also sotck related products such as off the shelf fuel tanks, bespoke fuel tanks, bespoke trailers,bespoke fuel tanks, ATS panels, pressure washers and much more, please get in touch with us for more details.

At our factory based in Yorkshire, UK we also manufacture bespoke power solutions such as, switchgear housings and acoustically treated generators housings, again, please get in touch for more details.

Cummins Diesel Generator for Agriculture

This Cummins 30 kVA power generator will help to maintain a constant power supply whatever unexpected power events should occur, with increasing demand on the UK power grid and powercuts happening more frequently costing UK businesses vital income it should prove to be a wise inverstment for this farm.

Agriculture Generator

If you are looking for a backup Cummins Generator or any Backup Diesel Generator for your business or to act as a home generator ,  we have a wide-selection of generators available in our Generator section of this sitte.

Cummins Diesel Generator for Agriculture