Aberdeen Diesel Generator

Aberdeen Diesel Generators

Aberdeen Farm Power Gensets - These 2 Cummins Silent Diesel Generators, 300 kVA & 60 kVA, are heading to a small village near Aberdeen where they will provide backup power to machinery on a farm.


Aberdeen Power Generators

The customer, a farm owner located in a small village near Aberdeen in Scotland, has suffered multiple power cuts over the past few months and decided it's time to invest in backup power solutions. These 2 Cummins silent gensets will be installed on different areas of the farm to supply backup power to key machinery, allowing the client to continue working through future power outages.

Aberdeen Silent Diesel Generators

Throughout the past 5 years as more and more farmers are realising the key importance of having reliable backup power solutions, our 300 kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator has proven to be a very popular model amongst the farming community, likely due to its second-to-none reliability, compact size & low noise level. We also stock various other different models in both the 300 kVA Generator & 60 kVA Generator size, but due to us holding the best prices anywhere in the UK on Cummins Diesel Generators, the customer was quick to choose the C330D5 & C66D5e generators.

Aberdeen Silent Generators

These silent, 3 phase, 400V diesel generators will provide backup standby power to critical farming machinery near Aberdeen, Scotland that must have access to reliable power 24 hours a day.