Monthly Archives: February 2020

  1. Wildlife Power

    Silent diesel generator delivery

    Wildlife Power - This C55D5e Cummins 50 kVA silent diesel generator with ATS Panel are on their way to be installed at the reptile enclosure at a local wildlife park, the generator will provide back up power for the heating to keep the exotic residents nice and warm 24/7The wildlife park needed the diesel generator to kick into action the moment the power dropped from the grid, we suggested the correct combination of ATS panel to be used with their genset.

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  2. Libya Export Diesel Generators

    Cummins diesel generators delivery

    Libya Export Diesel Generator - This Cummins C220D5e 200 kVA silent diesel generator is being shipped for delivery to Libya, where it will be used to provide prime power for a newly built medical centre in Tripoli.

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  3. Resort Diesel Generators

    UK diesel generator delivery

    Resort Diesel Generator - This Cummins C38D5 35 kVA silent diesel generator will provide backup power to a holiday resort on the paradise island of Barbados in the Carribean.

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  4. Isle of Man Diesel Generators

    UK delivery

    Isle of Man Power - This Cummins C150D5 130kVA silent diesel generator will provide backup power to a household recycling centre on the Isle of Man.

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