Monthly Archives: December 2019

  1. Qatar Diesel Generators

    Qatar diesel generators

    Qatar Diesel Generator Power - This 1250 kVA (prime) C1400D5 diesel generator by Cummins will be used to provid backup power for a hospital in Qatar, this large generator will be more than capable of keeping all the essential medical equipment operational should an unexpected power cut occur. The C1400D5 by Cummins Power Generation harneses the many years of experince Cummins have in building efficaint and robust generators.

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  2. Bahrain Diesel Generators

    Bahrain diesel generators

    Bahrain Generators - This Cummins silent 300 kVA diesel generator is being loaded onto its trasport for delivery to a hotel in Bahrain where it will provide backup power during mains power cuts, although power cuts in Bahrain are rare, this five star establishment cannot afford for thier guests to even experiance an hour of lost power, their guests have paid alot to visit and they expect a certain standard during their stay, power and electricity is a funemental for a wide-range of services the hotel offers from dining, to spas and restuarants, all of these hotel services require electricity to operate.

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  3. Dorset Diesel Generators

    Dorset diesel generators

    Dorset Genset - The Cummins C330D5 silent Diesel Generator was the perfect option in this case, our client looked at the various 300kVA Generators on offer at Generator Direct firstly they decided that a diesel genset would suit their requirements then opted for the Cummins Power generation set on this occasion...

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