Monthly Archives: October 2019

  1. Doncaster Diesel Generators

    Doncaster diesel generators

    Doncaster Power - This Cummins Power Generation 200 kVA tier iiia emissions compliant silent diesel generator with 2000 ltr Bulk Fuel Tank will provide backup power to a restaurant in Doncaster, United Kingdom.

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  2. 60 kVA Cummins for UK Power Cut backup

    Cummins farming diesel generator

    This 60kVA Cummins C66D5e silent diesel generator will provide backup for a UK farm. This particular farmer has seen an increase of power cuts happening in their own region of the UK in recent years, this has prompted the agricultural operation to purchase this 60kVA Cummins Silent Genset to take the slack when the farm is disconnected from the national grid.

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  3. Irish Diesel Generators

    Irish diesel generators

    IrishPower - Irish Generators - Three bespoke Diesel Generator Direct built telecoms gensets despatching to be installed at Irish, telephone exchanges in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

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  4. Nigeria Diesel Generators

    Nigeria diesel generators

    More silent Pramac Perkins diesel generator sets loaded for export to Nigeria, a 340 kVA & 65 kVA. The units will be used in prime power mode for small hospital units in the north of the African nation.

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  5. Ipswich Diesel Generator Power

    Ipswich Diesel Generator 

    This 9 kVA Perkins Pramac Silent diesel generator will provide power to a site emergency shower block at a chemical facility in Ipswich.  If a power cut occurs in thier area of Ipswich then their Pramac genset will kick into life and supply all the power they need until the UK national grid turns the power back on in their part of Ipswich..

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