Monthly Archives: June 2019

  1. Nigeria Diesel Generators

    Nigeria diesel generators

    Nigeria Generators - This Pramac 20 kVA silent diesel generator is on its way to Nigeria where it will be used as prime power for a house.

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  2. Barbados Diesel Generators

    Barbados diesel generators

    Barbados Generators - This Cummins silent 300 kVA diesel generator is on its way to be installed at a recently refurbished hotel in Barbados where it will provide backup power during mains power cuts

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  3. Wales Diesel Generators

    Wales diesel generators

    Wales Power - A further three bespoke Diesel Generator Direct built telecoms sets despatching to be installed in Wales, Nuneaton and Dover telephone exchanges, United Kingdom.

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  4. Construction Diesel Generators

    Construction diesel generators

    Construction DIesel Generators - This Cummins 200 kVA silent tier III compliant diesel generator will provide backup power to a brand new facility housing one of the UK,s largest construction companies HQ close to the city of London, United Kingdom.

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  5. Scotland Diesel Generators

    Scotland diesel generators

    Scotland Power - This Cummins 200 kVA tier iiia silent diesel generator and 2000 ltr Bulk Fuel Tank will provide backup power to a graphic design and print company in Scotland, United Kingdom.

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